New Stapleton Waterfront Infrastructure & Park Design

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October 1, 2019
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September 26, 2019
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New Stapleton Waterfront Infrastructure & Park Design

Image demonstratting a maritime forest with prevaling winds, tidal marsh, and a varied landscape
As the ecological consultant, Great Ecology is supporting the redevelopment of a 35-acre decommissioned waterfront property in north Staten Island. Commissioned by the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the project will create a mixed-use residential community with public open space. Currently in development, Phase 2 and 3 includes infrastructure and open space improvements as well as green infrastructure strategies for shoreline rehabilitation and resiliency. Aside from the 5-acre open space and development recently completed in Phase 1, the site is mostly paved with a deteriorated shoreline consisting of riprap, steel/concrete bulkheads with several combined sewer outfall structures. Located within the FEMA 100-year floodplain, the project requires extensive coastal resiliency planning. As a result, infrastructure and parkland / plant species must be resilient to coastal flooding, including high velocity wave action. As the team ecologists, Great Ecology is developing planting recommendations based on the historical ecological communities, future site demands, and plant species with a high chance for success despite the site’s stressors. These recommendations will inform the Team’s planting design. In collaboration with the award winning project team including ARUP, SCAPE, and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Great Ecology brings extensive knowledge of coastal ecosystems as well as restoration design and construction.
  • Acres: 35 acres
  • FEMA Designation: 100 year floodplain
  • Key Services: Habitat Restoration, Sea-Level Rise Planning, Green Infrastructure
Image demonstratting a maritime forest with prevaling winds, tidal marsh, and a varied landscape

Green Infrastructure at New Stapleton

A variety of ecotypic plantings, with a high resiliency to periodic saltwater inundation help form the basis for Great Ecology's planting recommendations at the site, including in more upland areas.

Staten Island, NY