aerial rendering showing a wetland with lakes and a park
Woodbridge Waterfront Park Restoration
October 28, 2019
Conceptual plan of vernal pool restoration
Vernal Pool Restoration & Mitigation Permitting
August 21, 2019

Quick Facts:

  • Waterfront: East River
  • Site Size: 150 meters x 24 meters

Project Summary:

Great Ecology joined the RGR Landscape team to develop a restoration design for a tidal salt marsh on Randall’s Island for the NYCDPR. The salt marsh serves as a central habitat feature in an island-wide restoration and redevelopment effort that turned the island into a recreational center and waterfront public access amenity. Great Ecology conducted site and precedent studies, produced construction documents for the wetland, led Construction Administration and designed and implemented the monitoring plan. Design goals were to increase the habitat area for native wildlife, improve local water quality in the Bronx Kill with plantings that filter run-off, and install salt marsh to buffer the shoreline from storms and erosion. Innovative design components included a rip rap shelf to prevent the shoreline and plants from scouring and erosion created by tidal movement in the Bronx Kill.

New York, NY