Jiangsu, China Ecological Design & Restoration
November 7, 2019
Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor Design
July 30, 2020

Quick Facts:

  • Acres: 312 acres
  • Key Services: Wetland delineation, Clean Water Act 404 permitting services, 30% compensatory mitigation plan

Project Summary:

Great Ecology provided ecological and mitigation consulting services to offset the wetland impacts for the proposed Dairy Syncline Mine Project. Great Ecology conducted extensive site investigations to map and formally delineation existing wetlands, to understand the function of each wetland, and to evaluate potential mitigation and habitat enhancement within Simplot’s Trail Creek property. As part of the project, Great Ecology developed a compensatory Wetland Mitigation Plan with a 30% ecological design and provided 404 permitting services including a formal wetland delineation submitted to US Army Corp of Engineers.

Soda Springs, ID