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Landscape Typology for Town of Erie

Project Details

Landscape Typology is a process of categorizing parks, open spaces, and other habitats using desktop analysis and field surveys. Collected habitat type data combines semi-quantitative and qualitative data tied to a Geographic Information System (GIS) geodatabase. This multi-disciplinary approach to understanding systems level processes for connectivity and ecological function can be used to prioritize for restoration and inform efficiencies in open space management decisions.

Identification of landscape typologies, habitat sub-types, and associated hydrologic systems, as well as assessing and scoring certain qualitative parameters for each Town of Erie open space will assist in site-specific management decisions, allowing for management and maintenance to be more cost-effective, while still meeting the community’s needs. This includes evaluating existing plant communities and wildlife habitat features as well as understanding how the public is utilizing the area and any impacts that may be evident. Landscape typology, in this way, is well suited as a baseline for informing management and maintenance actions. Great Ecology will use information gathered during the landscape typology process to develop an Open Space Management Plan for the Town of Erie.


Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,