Steppe it up – Solving the Greater Sage-grouse Controversy
November 7, 2014
The Dying Salton Sea: A Lake With a Rich Past and Uncertain Future
November 15, 2014
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Great Ecology is thrilled to be featured in this week’s edition of the San Diego Business Journal as an industry leading environmental consulting firm. Alongside the industry’s explosive growth and following a three-year growth rate of 194% from 2011- 2013, Great Ecology is on track to have the most successful year to date. Founder and CEO, Dr. Mark S. Laska, attributes the profound success of his company to a growing awareness and pressure on projects to include an ecological approach. “There’s only so much natural land left, and the development is going right out to the edge of nature,” he says. “We are doing something right, and the industry is ready.”

Read the full article and this week’s issue of the San Diego Business Journal.

Great Ecology strives to connect people with natural resources, and integrates ecology with design to achieve innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges.