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August 30, 2023
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August 31, 2023
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December 3, 2021

Bayswater Point State Park Living Shoreline

Far Rockaway, NY

Great Ecology is providing ecological design services to DirtWorks in collaboration with JBRPC and the NYSOPRHP for the Bayswater Point State Park Living Shoreline Project in Far Rockaway, NY. The 17-acre park includes salt marsh, intertidal flats, freshwater wetlands, and one of the few remaining parcels of maritime forest in New York City, as well the remains of an historic mansion, the home of banker Louis A. Heinsheimer. The park provides habitat for a variety of estuarine and terrestrial wildlife, including a variety of migratory and nesting birds, and is an important green space and recreational resource for the communities of Bayswater and Far Rockaway.
Great Ecology’s role includes conducting a wetlands delineation and natural resources inventory to document existing habitats and site conditions, and to establish “bio-benchmark” elevations for incorporation into the project design. In addition, Great Ecology will oversee the environmental permitting process for the project. Once the final plans are approved/permitted, Great Ecology will provide oversight during project construction and post-construction monitoring activities.

Conceptual Design - The Living Shoreline

Ecosystem graphic courtesy Dirtworks LA

Assessing Baseline Conditions

Understanding the current conditions of the site is a crucial step in developing informed design concepts that maximize the health and ecological value of the living shoreline.