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August 30, 2023
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December 9, 2019
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Hell’s Kitchen Lithium Production & Clean Power Project

Hell's Kitchen Lithium Production & Clean Power Project

Salton Sea, CA

Great Ecology is providing environmental consulting services CTR on the ecological and regulatory planning for an integrated lithium extraction and geothermal power project. The site, adjacent to the Salton Sea, would include a clean lithium production facility and a renewable geothermal energy plant, creating thousands of jobs in Imperial Valley and deriving a critical component for electric vehicles. The lithium will be extracted with an extremely low carbon footprint, making the project highly sustainable and bringing the USA closer to energy independence.
Our team is deploying a full suite of environmental services to assist CTR with the permitting and master planning of the site, as well as ecological services for the design, restoration, and creation of wetlands around the Salton Sea. Our work involves extensive on-the-ground assessments, drone surveys and reconnaissance, desktop modeling and mapping, data analysis, regulatory documents, and stakeholder outreach.

Transforming Playa to Wetland

Great Ecology is developing designs for wetland creation in the existing desert playa landscape. These wetlands will provide habitat for various native species and migratory birds that visit the Salton Sea while aiding in playa dust suppression – one of the critical health issues in the Valley.

Developing Sustainable Lithium Production

The Great Ecology team is integrated tightly with CTR to realize the company’s goal of implementing this groundbreaking, sustainable lithium and geothermal energy facility. We bring  considerable knowledge of the region's ecology and experience successfully completing large-scale environmental projects.