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December 9, 2019
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Corktown Common Park Ecological Design

An Evening Stroll at Corktown Commons. This is Day 1 of Ontario Parks #30x30Challenge.

Quick Facts:

  • Park Size: 16 acres
  • Client: Waterfront Toronto
  • Project Partner: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
  • Watershed: Don River

Project Summary:

Great Ecology served as the ecological consultants for the Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates team on the creation of wetland and upland wildlife habitat. The project transformed a post-industrial site along the Toronto waterfront into Corktown Common Park, a cultural and ecological public space. Great Ecology collaborated on the design of the stormwater management systems, developing stormwater-fed features and habitats for the Park including shallow-water wildlife basking areas, deep water pockets and large woody debris piles that replicate natural processes in the floodplain. Great Ecology also consulted on the selection of plants for a central interior pond that supports resident and migratory bird and insect species.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada