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December 11, 2019
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August 26, 2019
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Mastic Beach Managed Habitat Retreat & Restoration

Quick Facts:

  • Client: Township of Brookhaven
  • Leading Issue: Coastal Erosion
  • Watershed: Forge River

Project Summary:

Great Ecology led the project team in developing ecological site assessments and schematic designs for the restoration of 150 acres of native coastal salt marsh and scrub-shrub habitat, on land that has been reclaimed as part of the town’s “retreat with dignity” program along southern Mastic Beach, NY. This project should serve as a pilot for managed retreat efforts that coastal towns and cities will have to consider in the coming years, as sea levels continue to rise. Additionally, Great Ecology secured NFWF grant funding on behalf of the Township of Brookhaven to fund the project.


More information on managed retreat efforts in Mastic Beach and nearby cities: Trump Administration Presses Cities to Evict Homeowners From Flood Zones - New York Times

Mastic Beach, NY