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September 18, 2020
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November 4, 2019
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Lazy Point Coastal Erosion Control Plan

Quick Facts:

  • Client: Private Homeowners
  • Main Issue: Coastal Erosion
  • Technology Used: PEM System

Project Summary:

Great Ecology is developing a coastal erosion control plan to mitigate and ideally eliminate continued coastal erosion at a beach in East Hampton, NY. The beach has lost hundreds of feet of depth over the last century and is putting current homeowners along the beach at risk of losing their homes within a decade. Great Ecology, in coordination with EcoShore International, is utilizing Pressure Equalizing Module (PEM) systems, an emerging approach to beach erosion control that functions by restoring and enhancing a beach’s ability to drain. This pilot project will monitor the PEM’s erosion control effectiveness over a 5-year span and serve as a proof-of-concept of this emerging technology.


Trustees Hear About a Remedy for Erosion - The East Hampton Star

East Hampton, NY