Hunter’s Point South Constructed Wetlands
August 1, 2019
Conceptual plan of vernal pool restoration
Vernal Pool Restoration & Mitigation Evaluation
August 21, 2019
aerial photo of the Gulf Coast shoreline
Gulf Coast Oil Spill Restoration Planning
November 4, 2019
Air Emissions Case Expert Witness
April 26, 2021

Natural Resource Damages Assessment (NRDA) for Multiple Contaminated Industrial Sites

New Jersey

Great Ecology was contracted by legal counsel for the State of New Jersey to conduct Natural Resource Damages Assessments (NRDA) for multiple cases involving industrial sites that have been the source of ongoing contamination, spills, and injury to ecosystems along the waterways in northeastern New Jersey. Great Ecology conducted thorough assessment of impacts to natural resources and wildlife throughout the region, collected extensive data to inform NRDA modeling, and compiled detailed reports of historic site conditions to quantify the ecological damages from contamination and specify the type and amount of habitat restoration required to offset those injuries. These cases are ongoing.