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June 12, 2020
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January 28, 2021
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California Central Coast Mitigation Bank Evaluations

Quick Facts:

  • Project Sites: 300 - 3200 acres
  • Client: Chevron

Project Summary

Great Ecology led the development of a beneficial site re-use program for Chevron, assessing dozens of degraded surplus and buffer properties along the California Central Coast. Great Ecology developed a strategy to generate mitigation and conservation banking credits from their portfolio through the evaluation of 20+ potential properties, as well as restoration plans and renderings. Evaluations involved:

• Assessment of regional ecosystem markets (credit supply and demand)

• Preliminary analysis of site conditions and potential for ecological uplift

• Pro forma evaluations of banking opportunities

• In some cases, preliminary identification of credit buyers

Great Ecology's evaluations informed Chevron's decisions regarding mitigation banking as a strategy to monetize their surplus and buffer properties. The program concluded with development of a support document to guide the project managers and decision-makers in identifying the highest and best use of their degraded surplus sites.

A Vision of Restoration