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Croton Water Filtration Plant Constructed Wetlands

Quick Facts:

  • Watershed: Croton
  • Award: NYC Public Design Commission Design Award of Excellence in 2008
  • Award: Project of the Year Award from the Municipal Engineers of the City of New York (MENY) in 2016
  • Unique Design: The Croton Water Filtration Plant includes a greenroof which is used as a golf driving range

Project Summary:

Great Ecology assisted Grimshaw Architects along with Ken Smith Workshop, Rana Creek, and Sherwood Design Engineers to plan, design and oversee a series of constructed wetlands at the Croton Water Filtration Plant in Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York. Currently the City’s largest water infrastructure project, work has been underway since 2007 and wetland construction began in 2020. Great Ecology conceived of a wetland habitat for the perimeter of the facility to store both groundwater and stormwater, process and improve its quality, and recycle it for irrigation on site. The system uses both stormwater that is collected from the nine-acre green roof - the largest in the country - and upwelling groundwater that is collected by the plant structure built approximately 80-feet underground. The wetland habitat designs were influenced by the natural landscapes of the Bronx and surrounding New York State region. Great Ecology produced construction drawings, participated in value engineering and construction scheduling, designed an operations and maintenance program for the client, interfaced extensively with the NYC client stakeholders, and is now leading the ecological component of construction oversight.

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