Hunter’s Point South Constructed Wetlands
August 1, 2019
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Pond 20 Restoration & Mitigation Bank Establishment

Quick Facts:

  • Acres: 95 acres
  • Former Use: Salt Evaporator
  • Key Services: Preliminary conceptual design & restoration plan, market analysis, regulatory submittals, site design advancement, baseline surveys, mitigation banking instrument, CDs

Project Summary:

The San Diego Unified Port District engaged Great Ecology to determine the feasibility of developing a tidal wetland mitigation bank on the Pond 20 parcel and, once the Board of Directors decided to proceed, began developing the restoration plan for the site. Pond 20 is a 95-acre former salt evaporator pond located in South San Diego Bay, adjacent to several restored tidal wetland complexes. Great Ecology developed a preliminary conceptual design and restoration plan, determined an initial cost estimate for the project, and conducted a market analysis within Southern California to codify the business case for conversion of the Site to a mitigation bank.

As prime for the implementation phase, we are again bringing our deep knowledge and understanding of southern California ecology and regulatory agencies to shepherd the project through the development process as a mitigation bank. Great Ecology's work tasks included completion of regulatory submittals, verifying that the credits produced will be fungible with market needs, and site design advancement. The specific tasks included baseline condition surveys, development of the engineering design of the bank, production of the mitigation banking instrument, and preparation of construction documents to the 60% design level.

San Diego, CA