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February 15, 2021
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August 26, 2019

La Lomita Park Ecological Design

Denver, CO

Great Ecology led the full redesign of La Lomita Park in southwest Denver, previously known as Asbury & Tejon Park, in collaboration with Denver Parks and Recreation. The former small neighborhood park included a recreational grass area and contained a concrete swale stormwater detention facility. The redesign focused on creating an ecological space residents feel connected to, while updating existing playground features and implementing a nature-based stormwater system.
To improve site stormwater quality before it entered the South Platte River, our design replaced the existing concrete system with a vegetated detention basin and trickle channels. These features utilize a plant palette of native vegetation that naturally improves water quality of runoff and can withstand significant water collection in the case of large-scale rain/snowstorms. The new system also improves the park's aesthetics, enhancing the green space and providing additional habitat for local species.
In line with the ecological and community goals of the project, La Lomita’s redesign provided additional playable space for park users by introducing nature play features such as a rock pathway across the trickle channel, log stairs, “ghost grove” log mound, and a bear cub climbing sculpture. Nature play encourages park users to enliven their senses and promotes exploration and imagination. Additionally, by improving sightlines and lighting throughout the park, upgrading play structures, and installing water quality monitoring stations, Great Ecology created a public space that meets multiple, sometimes competing objectives.
La Lomita Park, recipient of awards for both sustainability and innovation, demonstrates the effectiveness of resilient, low-maintenance park design in urban areas.
Aerial photo of a park from google imagesaerial rendering of park in neighborhood

Project Awards

2021 APWA Colorado Chapter Award

Sustainability Category

2019 Urban Park Innovation Award

City Parks Alliance & Toro

Ecological Design with Stormwater in Mind

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