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La Lomita Park Ecological Design

Aerial photo of a park from google imagesaerial rendering of park in neighborhood

Quick Facts:

  • Total Acres: 3.95
  • Acres Native Plants: 2.46
  • Water Detention Capacity Before: 11 acre feet, with unquantified minor water quality benefits
  • Water Detention Capacity After: 12.3 acre feet detention with 2.1 acre free water quality capture volume
  • Nature Play Features: log stairs, "Ghost Grove" log mound, log flume, bear cub climbing sculpture
  • Traditional Play Elements: swing set, Kidnetix twirl, spring rider, 2-5 year play structure, 5-12 play structure, slide

2019 Toro Urban Park Innovation Award, City Parks Alliance and The Toro Company

Project Summary:

Great Ecology led a design team, as part of the Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) restoration on-call contract, to provide a full redesign of Asbury & Tejon Park in southwest Denver, which has since been renamed La Lomita Park. The small neighborhood park provided recreation opportunities and operates as a stormwater detention facility, but needed f playground updates and did not offer the desired water quality treatment. The redesign creates more playable space for park users and improves the functionality of the trickle channels and basins designed to capture water during rain events to improve water quality before it enters the South Platte River. The emphasis of the design focused on creating a space residents feel connected to, while still providing much needed stormwater management. By improving sightlines and lighting throughout the park, upgrading play spaces, and installing water quality monitoring stations, Great Ecology helped create a public space that meets multiple, sometimes competing objectives.

Denver, CO