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December 18, 2019
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July 22, 2019
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Landscape Typology & Open Space Management Planning

Quick Facts:

  • Acres Assessed: 1,500 acres
  • Open Space Properties Assessed: 30+ properties
  • Key Services: Biological assessments, Natural resource management, Site-specific management plans, Landscape Typology

Project Summary:

Great Ecology was contracted to evaluate 1,500 acres across more than 30 open space properties owned by the Town of Erie Department of Parks & Recreation to develop an overall management approach and site-specific management plans. Erie is experiencing significant housing development pressure as well as active oil and gas operations. Erie Parks wanted to ensure open spaces can be managed to withstand these increased pressures while still providing appropriate wildlife habitat, ecological function, and maximizing user experience. Properties ranged from active agricultural fields to riparian floodplains to an active airport. Management issues included, but were not limited to: noxious weeds, wildlife management and conflicts, threatened and endangered species management, right of way vegetation management, and public access. Great Ecology worked to ensure a balance between nature and society as Erie continues to grow.

These properties were mapped and characterized based on land cover type and ecological function. Great Ecology worked with Erie Parks to understand how their open space parks perform against ecological thresholds for management related issues and ecosystem services. Landscape Typology allows Erie Parks to identify restoration opportunities and management priorities. This system also allows Erie Planning Department to quickly identify the ecological value of open spaces during planned development application reviews. Landscape Typology, in combination with the management planning, allows Erie to better understand their open space portfolio and prepare for a future where multiple uses on open spaces will be a necessity for progress.

Erie, CO