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Great Ecology is an ecological and environmental consulting firm focused on the restoration, planning, and design of both natural and urban environments through sustainable solutions. We integrate science with design to solve complex ecological challenges to achieve environmental, social, and business goals.

Featured Project

New Jersey NRD

Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Restoration, Natural Resource Damages, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,

As part of several ongoing, confidential projects, Great Ecology is developing a Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) of numerous industrial sites that have been the source of ongoing contamination, spills, and injury to ecosystems. To evaluate natural resources injuries and specify the type and amount of restoration required to offset those injuries, Great Ecology is conducting both field and research-based evaluations of impacts to water, sediments, soil, and biotic resources. Through this NRDA, Great Ecology studies the effects of localized industrial impacts on fish, wildlife, surrounding habitats, and public use of those resources. The final NRDA Report will summarize these findings and present potential opportunities for habitation restoration both regionally and at the contaminated sites.

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Featured Project

Litigation Support Related to Release of PFAS on US Air Force Bases, New Mexico

Biological Assessment, Natural Resource Damages,

Great Ecology is assisting a confidential client and the State of New Mexico in supporting litigation related to release of per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on US Air Force Bases in the State. PFAS represent a complex class of chemical compounds that have been used by military and aerospace industries throughout the US. The EPA recognizes the toxic impacts to human health and the environment and has begun to develop measures to address the potential liability and consequences. Great Ecology’s technical team has developed deep expertise in PFAS contamination and is employing that knowledge to evaluate data collected from the air force bases and adjacent properties and assess potential environmental impacts from the release of PFAS, including investigations into potential risk to drinking water and biota from PFAS contaminants

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Featured Project

Moosa Creek Habitat Restoration and Mitigation Bank Consulting

Ecological Design & Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Mitigation Banking,

Great Ecology was engaged to provide mitigation bank consulting services on the Moosa Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank (Site) in both the due diligence and permitting phases. Great Ecology conducted a detailed pre-project evaluation to determine the potential value of the Site as an investment, which included an evaluation of the existing design plan and draft permit documents, a pro forma analysis, and a strategy to entitle the Site as a wetland mitigation bank. Following a round of capital funding, Great Ecology is leveraging its planning expertise with its in-depth local public agency experience to advance the project through the design and permitting process

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Featured Project

First Creek Nature Play Park

Ecological Design & Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Landscape Architecture, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,

Great Ecology is providing ecological design support for the CH2M team in redesigning a reach of First Creek in northeast Denver, Colorado. The intent of the redesign is to create a 6 acre nature play themed park, the first in Denver. Over half of the park is in the floodway and Great Ecology is tasked with developing a planting plan that is conducive to exploration and imagination while still being sustainable and low maintenance. Great Ecology is working withproject geomorphologists, landscape architects, and engineers to develop a landscape that will function within the context of the landscape and engage park users in a way that enlivens the senses and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. The project is currently at 50% design and construction is anticipated to begin Spring 2018. Image by Valerian

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Featured Project

Salt Marsh and Upland Restoration - UPDATED

Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration, Landscape Architecture, Wetland Delineation & Permitting,

Great Ecology is working on the second phase restoration of a former overflow parking area south of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The project will revert the parking lot to a viable salt marsh and upland habitat at the San Dieguito lagoon located in Del Mar, California. Our work includes acting as the Restoration Ecologist in charge of oversight for the installation, maintenance and monitoring of this highly degraded site. In addition, the project is located in direct proximity to an eelgrass critical habitat. As part of the contract services, Great Ecology has developed solutions to improve the quality of highly saline soils prior to plant installation to ensure better plant establishment. Additional project tasks include the identification of native plant seed collection locations, reference site locations, review of construction submittals, construction oversight, installation of monitoring cameras, and monitoring and reporting compliance with the 5-year maintenance and monitoring of this sensitive habitat restoration area

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