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Great Ecology is an ecological consulting firm focused on the restoration, planning, and design of both natural and urban environments through sustainable solutions. We integrate science with design to solve complex ecological challenges to achieve environmental, social, and business goals.

Featured Project

Little Thompson River Riparian Restoration

Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration, Landscape Architecture,

little thompson river Riparian Restoration

Great Ecology is providing Section 404 permitting and ecological design support for the restoration of over one mile of riparian corridor along the Little Thompson River near Lyons, Colorado. The devastating floods of September, 2013 decimated a series of dams that facilitated the collection of drinking water for the Big Elk Meadows community. Great Ecology’s restoration design will stabilize sediment, reestablish riparian and aquatic habitat, provide water quality benefits, and create recreational opportunities for the community. Construction will be ongoing throughout the spring and summer

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Featured Project

Whale View Point Restoration Designs

Coastal Resiliency Planning, Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration,

La Jolla Whale View Point

Great Ecology is designing conceptual restoration plans for three key areas along the coast of La Jolla’s Whale View Point Park. This effort for the non-profit La Jolla Parks and Beaches (LJPB) examines on-site urban stormwater capture and management, coastal erosion, public access, and interpretive signage. Great Ecology is preparing a suite of design alternatives, focusing on green infrastructure strategies, to be further developed with grant funding. Great Ecology is also preparing a visually engaging marketing package for LJPB to generate interest in the project and solicit funding from private donors and public agencies.

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Featured Project

Central California Restoration & Mitigation Planning

Habitat Restoration, Mitigation Banking,

Central CA Restoration Planning

Great Ecology is evaluating and enhancing ecological and community use value by identifying and designing restoration opportunities for degraded, former industrial properties located in California’s Central Coast. The evaluation includes developing financial pro formas and analyzing the mitigation credit marketplace. At one site, we are assisting the team in identifying restoration project goals, demonstrating a comprehensive site vision, and modeling the ecological functionality of the restoration plan. We are involved in multiple project evaluations to date, ranging in size and scope from 300 to 3,200 acres

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Featured Project

Central Park Woodlands Restoration

Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration,

Central Park

Great Ecology conducted a feasibility study to inform the Central Park Conservancy’s restoration and management of the iconic Park's woodlands. The first part of the study included a baseline ecological health assessment focused on the Ramble and North Woods watercourses. These analyses will inform the design of the Conservancy's restoration projects and management planning. Specifically, Great Ecology recommended strategies that enhance both the ecological functionality and scenic character of the woodlands, balancing the impacts of heavy visitor usage and habitat degradation in an urban mosaic landscape

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Featured Project

Croton Water Filtration Plant

Ecological Design & Planning, Habitat Restoration, Wetland Delineation & Permitting,

wetland delineation and ecological planning on croton water treatment plant

Great Ecology is on the Grimshaw Architects team along with Ken Smith Workshop and Rana Creek to plan, design and oversee a series of constructed wetlands at the Croton Water Filtration Plant in Van Cortlandt Park, currently the City’s largest infrastructure project. Great Ecology conceived of a wetland habitat for the perimeter of the facility to store both groundwater and stormwater, process and improve its quality and recycle it for irrigation on site. The system uses both stormwater that is collected from the nine-acre green roof—the largest in the country--and upwelling groundwater that is generated by the nine-story structure built 120 feet underground. The wetland habitats were designed by drawing from influences of natural landscapes of the Bronx and surrounding New York State region. Great Ecology produced construction drawings, participated in value engineering and construction scheduling, designed an operations and maintenance program for the client, and interfaced extensively with the NYC client stakeholders. The project received the  NYC Public Design Commission Award of Excellence in 2008.


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