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Great Ecology is an ecological and environmental consulting firm focused on the restoration, planning, and design of both natural and urban environments through sustainable solutions. We integrate science with design to solve complex ecological challenges to achieve environmental, social, and business goals.

Featured Project

Moosa Creek Habitat Restoration and Mitigation Bank Consulting

Ecological Design & Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Mitigation Banking,

Great Ecology was engaged to provide mitigation bank consulting services on the Moosa Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank (Site) in both the due diligence and permitting phases. Great Ecology conducted a detailed pre-project evaluation to determine the potential value of the Site as an investment, which included an evaluation of the existing design plan and draft permit documents, a pro forma analysis, and a strategy to entitle the Site as a wetland mitigation bank. Following a round of capital funding, Great Ecology is leveraging its planning expertise with its in-depth local public agency experience to advance the project through the design and permitting process

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Featured Project

Solar Facility Permitting Plan in California


Great Ecology was engaged to prepare a permitting plan for a proposed solar photovoltaic site on 139 acres of land in San Diego, California. The intent of the permitting plan is to provide the detailed steps and potential cost estimates to receive all the necessary land use and environmental permits required to entitle the land for a solar development.

Great Ecology prepared a preliminary initial study of the subject areas covered under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to identify opportunities and constraints for the project design and engineering process. Using this information, Great Ecology and the client consulted with the CEQA lead agency and land use permitting authority to identify the pathway to line of sight for the project. Great Ecology’s permitting plan described the technical reports and other regulatory permits that are required to support a County-driven CEQA analysis for the site in line with the County’s Guidelines for Determining Significance and Report Format and Content Requirements. Additionally, to garner support and streamline the permitting process, Great Ecology included a stakeholder engagement strategy as a component of the permitting plan

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Featured Project

Stapleton Water-Resilient Park Design

Biological Assessment, Brownfields and NRD, Ecological Design & Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Habitat Restoration, Landscape Architecture,

Great Ecology has been part of several projects in the Stapleton planned community. These projects have included park and open space planting plan support; biological surveys; and remediation of a 27-acre pond site. Great Ecology also developed and executed an adaptive management plan for a 60-acre non-irrigated, stormwater detention basin. Great Ecology developed vegetation, soil erosion, and wildlife monitoring protocols and conducted monthly site visits to provide management recommendations for the newly constructed open space and detention basin.

Great Ecology used soil testing to inform planting plan development and management recommendations. The revegetation efforts have primarily been no- to low-irrigation plantings of a mix of cool and warm season grasses and forbs, which provides aesthetic appeal. Great Ecology’s monitoring of the revegetation projects included monitoring for prairie dog and state-listed noxious weed encroachment and recommendations for management and removal of these species. The Stapleton North open spaces project, developed by Civitas with ecological support from Great Ecology, was awarded the 2017 ASLA-Colorado merit award for Water-Resilient Park Design

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Featured Project

Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Wetland Design & Permit Evaluation

Coastal Resiliency Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Wetland Delineation & Permitting,

Great Ecology is the ecological consultant on the Arup and Thomas Balsley team for Phase II of the Hunter’s Point South Infrastructure and Waterfront Park Project. Commissioned by the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the project is part of the masterplan to revitalize the 37.5-acre former industrial site along the East River. The site is currently partially developed as a waterfront park and mixed-use commercial area.

In support of Phase II, Great Ecology designed the ~1 acre tidal wetland mitigation and habitat creation as well as provided extensive permitting support, including a Wetlands Functional Analysis. Great Ecology staff conducted an Evaluation of Planned Wetlands (EPW) to quantify the wetland functional capacity of the pre-existing wetlands onsite. The EPW informed design modifications to enhance ecological function and uplift of the proposed wetlands, resulting in a reduced amount of compensatory acreage required by the USACE. Another key component of our design recommendations included adjustments for sea level rise to ensure long-term success. The complex project requires extensive coordination between stakeholders and city, state, and federal agencies including the NYC Department of Transportation, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Phase II opened in Summer 2018

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Featured Project

First Creek Nature Play Park

Ecological Design & Planning, Ecological Design & Restoration, Landscape Architecture, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,

Great Ecology is providing ecological design support for the CH2M team in redesigning a reach of First Creek in northeast Denver, Colorado. The intent of the redesign is to create a 6 acre nature play themed park, the first in Denver. Over half of the park is in the floodway and Great Ecology is tasked with developing a planting plan that is conducive to exploration and imagination while still being sustainable and low maintenance. Great Ecology is working withproject geomorphologists, landscape architects, and engineers to develop a landscape that will function within the context of the landscape and engage park users in a way that enlivens the senses and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. The project is currently at 50% design and construction is anticipated to begin Spring 2018. Image by Valerian

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