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Great Ecology is an ecological and environmental consulting firm focused on the restoration, planning, and design of both natural and urban environments through sustainable solutions. We integrate science with design to solve complex ecological challenges to achieve environmental, social, and business goals.

Featured Project

Thailand Rigs to Reefs Initiative: A Decommissioning Alternative

Biological Assessment, Ecological Design & Planning, Marine and Aquatic Services,

Over the last 40 years, Thailand has continued to develop and implement artificial reef programs aimed at conserving and enhancing resources and fisheries production in shallow, coastal areas. The Gulf of Thailand currently has numerous offshore platforms, several of which are owned by a large oil & gas (O&G) company. At this time the O&G company is evaluating its options for platform decommissioning after production has ended, including implementing a Rigs-to-Reefs program, which would provide an alternative to the complete removal of its non-productive oil and gas structures in the Gulf of Thailand.

Great Ecology assessed the feasibility of implementing a Rigs-to-Reefs program in the gulf using the company's oil and gas platforms by examining several critical elements of successful program implementation. The investigation included evaluating the suitability of the selected reefing sites, with regard given to the physical marine environment, as well as assessing the condition of the platform jacket materials, by addressing the physical and biological stressors (i.e. corrosion, fatigue, etc.) of reefed structures in marine environments that can impact structural integrity. Through this evaluation, Great Ecology determined that converting these platforms into reefs would likely contribute to the overall productivity of the Gulf of Thailand’s marine ecosystems, generating both local and regional socio-economic benefits. Implementing this program in the Gulf of Thailand not only would minimize waste, but would also create artificial habitats for ecosystem rehabilitation.

The findings of this assessment will inform Thai stakeholders and the O&G company on a pathway forward in implementing Thailand’s first Rigs to Reefs Program. Great Ecology’s work will be used to aid regulators, operators, scientists, and other relevant stakeholders in Thailand as Thailand continues to develop and enhance its artificial reef program to include a Rigs-to-Reefs option.


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Featured Project

First Creek Nature Play Park

Ecological Design & Planning, Landscape Architecture, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,

Great Ecology is providing ecological design support for the CH2M team in redesigning a reach of First Creek in northeast Denver, Colorado. The intent of the redesign is to create a 6 acre nature play themed park, the first in Denver. Over half of the park is in the floodway and Great Ecology is tasked with developing a planting plan that is conducive to exploration and imagination while still being sustainable and low maintenance. Great Ecology is working withproject geomorphologists, landscape architects, and engineers to develop a landscape that will function within the context of the landscape and engage park users in a way that enlivens the senses and encourages out-of-the-box thinking. The project is currently at 50% design and construction is anticipated to begin Spring 2018. Image by Valerian

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Featured Project

Sanderson Gulch Redesign

Ecological Design & Planning, Landscape Architecture, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,

Great Ecology is providing ecological design support for the ICON team in redesigning a reach of Sanderson Gulch from the confluence with the South Platte River upstream past Lipan Street in southwest Denver. Sanderson Gulch drainageway is being redesigned to remove 90 homes and business from the floodplain. Part of the design is to split the stormflows between the open channel and a series of box culverts below the open channel. Great Ecology is helping with stream design, planting plan, and plant palette development, as well as maintenance strategies. Construction is anticipated to begin Spring 2018.

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