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Miaojing River Design Project

Project Details

Great Ecology is supporting the Miaojing River design project in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province China. The site is a public park/ecological river walk that has been in advanced in several phases.  The current project seeks to create two areas featuring ecological restoration – one area is an upland forested area currently dominated by mono-cultures of single species forest stands that will be regraded and replanted with native vegetation.  The other area is an ecologically degraded part of the Miaojing River which has led to reduced water quality and invasive species, which will be restored and redesigned using a variety of bio-engineering techniques. The end result will improve the ecological function of the site, while offering improved opportunities for visitors to interact with the environment.  The client is the Municipality of Kunshan – this project is being conducted with PLAT Studio, the master planning firm and designer of many landscape architectural components at these sites.


Ecological Design & Restoration, Landscape Architecture, River, Stream, and Riparian Restoration,