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Southern California Mitigation Evaluation

Regional marketplace analysis of mitigation opportunities

Project Details

Great Ecology performed an initial mitigation credit marketplace analysis to support informed investment decisions regarding the viability of establishing a mitigation bank in the San Diego region. Staff identified existing mitigation banks, credit availability, and credit costs to evaluate the current market supply. Planned infrastructure and development projects as well as growth projections for the region informed potential mitigation bank sites and future market analysis. In addition, Great Ecology identified the priority habitat types for conservation, including aquatic resources such as marine eelgrass, vernal pools, tidal wetlands, upland streams, and riparian areas to inform potential mitigation areas. Great Ecology detailed guidelines next steps for further due diligence and marketplace analysis. Currently, Great Ecology is involved in an ongoing coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other regulatory agencies to identify mitigation opportunities in the Coastal Southern California Region.


Habitat Restoration, Mitigation Banking,




San Diego, California