Our Ecology Team

Director of Ecology


David Yozzo, Ph.D.

Dr. Yozzo is a nationally recognized environmental scientist with 30 years of experience in wetland community ecology, urban ecology, estuary science, ecosystem restoration and resiliency, and fisheries. He has designed and conducted environmental assessments for habitat restoration, compensatory mitigation, navigation, transportation and power delivery programs throughout the U.S., including the Hudson-Raritan Estuary, Long Island Sound, Delaware River Estuary, Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Jennie Shield, MEM

Environmental Program Manager

Jennie's Favorite Aquatic Vegetation


Katrina VanDeusen

Senior Ecologist

Kat's Favorite Animal

Mountain Lion

Beyhan T. Maybach, PhD

Senior Ecologist

Beyhan's Favorite Ecosystem
Tropical & Temperate Rainforest
Jonathan Appelbaum, MESM

Senior Ecologist

Jonathan's Weekend Activity

Volunteering with Local Conservation Groups

Rex Bergamini, PhD

Senior Biologist

Rex's Favorite National Park
Islas del Golfo de California Biosphere Reserve
Nick Bubhe, MS

Senior Ecologist


Nick's Favorite Hobby

Anything with Water!

Alejandro Baladrón, MAS

Senior Ecologist & Hydrologist

Alejandro's Favorite Travel Destination
Upper Valley of Lozoya - Spain
Elias Potashov, MCRS, CERP

Associate Ecologist

Elias' Leisurely Interest


Cate Collinson, P Biol

Associate Ecologist

Cate's Favorite Destination

Banff National Park

Leslie Fisher

Associate Ecologist

Leslie's Secret Skill

Native Plant Gardening

Geana Ayala, MS


Geana's Favorite Activity

Diving in New Places!

Brittany Dell


Brittany's Secret Skill

Wrangling Venomous Snakes

Liz Hartel, MS


Liz's Favorite Destination

New Zealand!

Emily Hazelwood, MAS


Emily's Favorite Ecosystem
California Kelp Forest
Thea Lemberger, MS


Thea's Favorite Ecosystem
Daintree Rainforest

Chase Mathey


Chase's Dream

Have His Own Conservatory Greenhouse

Yani Pohl, MESM


Yani's Secret Skill


Brandon Reeder


Brandon's Current Obsession


Quin Smith, MESM


Quin's Favorite Activity

Exploring the San Elijo Lagoon

Mitch Jenkins, MS


Mitch's Ecological Goal

Teaching Ecological Principals to the Next Generation

Adam Domanski, PhD

Environmental Economist

Adam's Favorite Activity

Paddleboarding with His Dog!

Danielle Parsons

Ecology & Landscape Design

Danielle's Favorite Unusual Ecosystem

Serpentine / Serpentine Soils